UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.


Welcome! We are an innovative and forward thinking consultancy working in the field of education and social care. We were founded in 1987 by two Cambridge graduates and have been very active ever since!

We have an established reputation for delivering new approaches to problems through applied research and practical innovation. Everything we do aims to make a difference; all our work is focused on creating practical solutions that solve difficult issues.

We work to support those tasked with front-line delivery, and while you may not know our name, you are likely to know of some of the national work we have been behind. We have a particular focus on solutions to reduce inequality and improve system effectiveness, and have enjoyed work alongside everyone from front-line staff to government Ministers.

Some of our work is paid-for and others pro-bono; in particular we love sharing ideas. We operate as a Ltd. company for complete transparency and to give reassurance of our structural integrity and compliance .

We operate across a range of service areas in education and social care, including inspection, training and consultancy, social media and technological innovation. We like a challenge and enjoy the breadth of our work!

The best way to get an indication of the kind of areas we think we can support is to visit  the ‘What we do‘ menu at the top of this page. Please take a good look around, but more importantly do not hesitate to contact us should you have more questions, a problem that you need help with, or an idea you wish to share!


UKERI is a registered trademark of UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.