This resource-base exists to support leaders in church-led or mixed community/church multi-academy trusts (MATs), who seek to work in collaboration with others for the greater common good.

Content is grouped by ‘project’. Each project relates to a specific leadership task or area of responsibility. Project resource pages link to guidance and associated editable digital templates (see the links below or top menu).

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Published Projects:

    • Project 1: How do I prepare for an Ofsted MAT Summary Evaluation?
    • Project 2: How do I write a Trust Self Evaluation Form (T-SEF)?

Imminent Publication (Easter 2020):

    • Project 3: How do I write a whole-trust Risk Register?
    • Project 4: What stakeholder voice evidence should I collect across a MAT?
    • Project 5: How can I best present the local governors Scheme of Delegation?
    • Project 6: How can I ensure local governors offer appropriate challenge?

Projects in pilot form:

    • What are the core ‘need to know’requirements in the ESFA Financial Handbook?
    • How does a trust achieve greater Financial Sustainability?
    • What is Christian Distinctiveness in a church/diocesan full or mixed MAT?
    • How should we prepare for the new SIAMs inspections as a MAT?

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