UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.

School Inspection Support Service

A well regarded and very popular project that adopts a highly supportive approach. The service provides a vital service for schools that are preparing for, and living-through, external inspection (such as that conducted by Ofsted). The service uses nationally accredited professionals with decades of experience of both delivering and (critically) being on the receiving end of inspections. The service covers:

Before an inspection:

  • Publication of the renowned ‘Inspection Survival Guide’ (ISG) update & information service, enabling senior leaders to keep up-to-date.
  • Capacity to conduct ‘mock’ full, or part inspection, based on the particular demands of the context of provision, in order to be ready for a real inspection event.
  • Specialist training for headteachers, governors and subject leaders.
  • A ‘critical friend’ review service, covering current self evaluation documentation and learner performance data analysis.

During an inspection:

  • 24/7 support-line for schools, from the point of notification through to inspection completion.

After an inspection:

  • Compliance reviews, for schools where inspections were not felt fair.
  • Complaint formulation and fair-deal advice.


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