UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.

Who we are



 Andrew Read, Co-founder and Director

Thank you for your interest in our innovative enterprise – we are a small educational company with a significant footprint in education and social care. UK Education, Research and Innovation (or UKERI as we have become known) has a twenty eight year pedigree, having been created in 1987 by myself and co-founder Amanda Oldham, while studying at Cambridge University.

Our vision was to create a portfolio-driven enterprise, focused on improving the life chances of young people, while promoting the value and importance of leaders and practitioners working day-to-day to educate our nation. Our ‘USP’ since then has been to apply research and innovation to apparently intractable problems, providing an alternative solution – often using the latest technology.

Unusually, we ensure that our practitioner knowledge is absolute by working over an extended period on the ‘front line’ with the leaders, practitioners, and young people that we seek to support. So far the insight afforded by this ‘total emersion’ approach has proven successful, and we currently run 40+ self-sustaining programmes, projects and solutions ‘live’ across the UK, many of them delivering solutions for the benefit of the most vulnerable, and involving professionals working with over 80,000+ learners and people in care (see the list on the right of this page).

Although we have grown and widened our sphere of influence, the enterprise (which became a Ltd. company in 2012), is still based in Cambridgeshire, and owned and run by the original founders, giving the business a distinctly personal feel.

The umbrella title UKERI – UK Education Research and Innovation provides a group-service and reporting identity for a range of projects, programmes and services delivered to the education and care sectors.

Use the contact pages if you would like more information or wish to explore some work with us – either because you have a specific need, or have a great idea for a new project!

UKERI is a registered trademark of UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.