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Monitoring Teaching Quality

The project was formulated to encourage a more efficient and fairer approach to the collection of monitoring information regarding the quality of teaching received by learners. In particular, to enable a move away from a limited number of intense and potentially unrepresentative ‘lesson observations’.

By using a quick and easy to approach to collecting and storing observational data, it becomes much easier to collect information more regularly (even from short aspects of teaching seen) and ensure that the right evidence is collected in a format that is easy to analyse on a ‘live’ basis. This is particularly true when more than one individual is making such observations.

The approach made possible through the use of this App sits well with Ofsted’s much broader take on making judgements about the quality of teaching seen during an inspection, which is ‘over-time’, and places more value on the schools own detailed observational data.

By collecting data using a comprehensive and systematic tool such as the App, managers can ensure that important aspects are always recorded (such as the progress made by vulnerable groups), meaning that such evidence becomes highly compelling. The App is designed to work on almost all internet enabled devices, from a smart phone to a tablet device, or a full desktop computer.

The App contains two sections, one for collating teaching observational evidence (including work in learners books), and one for analysing information on a whole school, year, subject, pupil group and individual teacher basis. From such analysis a detailed teaching SEF section can easily be created, indeed users of the App are provided with a ready made exemplar template, based on the analysis provided by the App.

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