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Learner Tracking

The project was formulated to enable the collection of assessment information under the new National Curriculum, and in particular, move away from Levels and Points. The desired aim was to create a system that, at an individual level, labeled less and encouraged more, but yet gave teachers and senior leaders a forensic understanding of the patterns of performance of different groups and the whole school. The project has succeeded in these aims, producing an innovative solution Learning Tracker, which is now used by numerous schools nationally.

By using a quick and easy to approach to collecting and storing assessment data, it becomes much easier to collect information more regularly and ensure that the right evidence is collected in a format that is easy to analyse on a ‘live’ basis. For this reason Learning Tracker can be used not only a desktop computer, but also on any tablet device using the Learning Tracker App.

The approach made possible through the use of the App sits well with Ofsted’s much broader take on the evidence used to make judgments about the quality of achievement, which uses the standard of work seen in books and pupils ability to explain their understanding, in addition to raw test data.

By collecting data using a universally accessible and easy to use tool such as that devised, teachers and managers can ensure that important assessment evidence is recorded as and when it becomes available.


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