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National Curriculum Delivery

The collaborative National Curriculum Project was instigated and designed by current practitioners, to give schools open-access to published finished quality resources, and a manageable and tested approach to assessment without levels. A complete solution has been developed and placed into the public domain, for use in UK schools.

The project has…

  • Identified and published all-through themes from Nursery to Year 9, made explicit each subject’s Learning Goals and unpeeled the constituent Learning Outcomes required to meet them, on a Year as well as Key Stage basis;
  • Devised, tested and published a new approach to assessment, creating new criteria referenced assessment statements and teaching exemplification for all subject areas (i.e. core and foundation) and all year groups, with backward compatibility to previous approaches;
  • Created a way to collect, quantify, analyse and present attainment and progress using a new tablet/ desktop App, while also enabling full integration with existing information management systems such as Target Tracker, SIMS and G2 (etc. etc.);
  • Written & published ‘Subject Leaders Guides’ for all subjects;
  • Written & published ‘Teachers Manuals’ for all subjects and year groups;
  • Created parent and pupil friendly Learning Journals, based on the new outcomes;
  • Devised a template Achievement SEF section (reviewed by practicing Ofsted inspectors), that links into our planning and assessment regimes, with exemplar descriptive paragraphs as well as template data analysis tables;
  • Created a curriculum audit tool to thoroughly check coverage of any existing or planned scheme of work/ curriculum, based on the Learning Goals and Learning Outcomes devised;
  • Produced exemplar tailor-able statements and subject mappings for schools to use on their websites.

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