UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.

School Data Network

This long standing network provides specialist services to schools, academies, co-ordinating bodies (local authorities, schools clusters, federations and academy sponsors) and corporate educational services clients in how to make best use of their performance data – both academic and financial. A main focus of recent work has been to develop powerful visualisations of performance data to enable all members of a school to engage fully with performance data without the need to be statistical experts.

Other work includes:

  • For Schools and Academies;
    • Presenting academic progress data for OFSTED
    • Benchmarking academic performance data against other similar schools nationally
    • Using tools to collect and analyse performance data
    • Creating internal mechanisms to contextualise academic performance data
    • Using data to close the Attainment Gap
    • Benchmarking financial data to obtain cost savings
  • For co-ordinating bodies;
    • Using performance data to identify patterns of need
    • Understanding academic performance data to offer preventative services
  • Benchmarking and evaluating financial performance data to assess value for money.
    • For corporate education services;
    • Using performance data to target services
    • Using performance data to predict need and identify patterns
    • Understanding financial data and spending patterns

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