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Stakeholder Voice Analysis

This exciting project provides a whole host of new and exciting ways to obtain the pupil, parent or staff voice evidence required to run a responsive organisation and supplement evidence required by regulators, such as that looked at by by OFSTED.

The project provides a school or academy with six things:

  1. An online and/or paper based age specific survey based on our proven set of questions for pupils, student, parents and staff.
  2. The ability to undertake a stakeholder survey at least three times in one year.
  3. A succinct analysed A4 report covering outcomes (maximum three per year).
  4. An A3 poster summarising outcomes to pupils and parents (optional use).
  5. Online support in undertaking and using the survey.
  6. Guidance on using outcomes for OFSTED self evaluation purposes and comparing with DfE Parent View findings.

Most schools do not have time to analyse the data, which is why the project has such high quality visual reporting mechanisms. The project creates a clearly written and easily interpreted colour A4 written report with charts and graphs. The project team have worked with schools to get this report into a succint format that is capable of being used by busy practitioners. For this reason it is not hundreds of pages long, as experience shows that this is both counter-productive and rarely read. Instead it is succint and focussed around the four OFSTED areas: achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety and leadership and management.

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