UK Education Research and Innovation Ltd.

UKERI Event Speakers

As can be imagined, the breadth and depth of the work carried out by UKERI provides a unique insight into a range of complex areas. As a consequence we are often asked to present at national, regional and local conferences/ seminars on a range of topics, not least bringing to bare a national picture given the range of localities worked in.

Such work often extends to running workshops etc. and providing exemplars and case study material.

If you would like to have a senior member of UKERI contribute at your event, then please do not hesitate to ask. We do charge a fee to cover expenses etc. for such work.  Recent work has led to direct presentation to many thousands of delegates; something we enjoy and feel privileged to be asked to do.

One of our senior partners is also listed on the prestigious Slater Baker role of premier education speakers (a good place to obtain public figures as speakers). Go to Slater Bakers web site and scroll down to ‘Andrew Read’ on the list of speakers provided.

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