About us

Why create the service?

Pupil/ Student Survey and Parent Survey services were originally set up to enable schools and academies to quickly and easily generate meaningful stakeholder evidence as comparable data to the governments own schemes for collecting parent and pupil views: Whilst it is appreciated that such information is useful for regulatory bodies, there is a danger that such approaches encourage those with a negative view. By providing systems within the control of the school it is hoped that a more balanced view can be obtained through a wider sample. Either way, most schools have always valued the views of their parents and staff, and our technology enabled surveys form a regular element of the school or academies wider self evaluation processes.

Who runs the service?

The services that sit behind Parentsurvey.org.uk were created and are run by UK Education Research and Innovation (UKERI). UKERI is an organisation focussed on helping schools and academies focus their energies on teaching and learning. They run a wide range of projects across the UK, and have been doing so since 1987.

We welcome you to contact us through any of the following mechanisms:

Telephone (Project Director)07798 854177

Email: help@pupilsurvey.org.uk