Schools/ Academies

What do we get if we do a pupil/ student survey?

Six things:

  1. An online and/or paper based age specific survey based on our proven set of questions.
  2. The ability to undertake the survey at least three times in one year.
  3. A succinct analysed A4 report covering outcomes (maximum three per year).
  4. An A3 poster summarising outcomes to pupils and parents (optional use).
  5. Online support in undertaking and using the survey.
  6. Guidance on using outcomes for 2012 OFSTED self evaluation purposes and comparing with DfE Parent View findings.

How much does it cost?

We have a simple fair-deal pricing structure that scales with school size and covers all six aspects above with no hidden extras. We have based this on pupils on role. Schools pay:

  • £1 per pupil (this protects small schools).
  • Cost ‘capped’ so that no school pays more that £550 regardless of the number of pupils (this protects large schools).
  • Primary: A small primary school with 60 pupils would pay £60. An average primary school with 250 pupils would pay £250, however a large primary with 700 pupils would pay £550, as the price is capped at £550 even if all 700 pupils use the survey.
  • Secondary: An average secondary with 400 pupils would pay £400, but a larger secondary with 1000+ pupils would only pay £550, as the price is capped at £550 even if the school uses the survey with all 1000 pupils.
How can I set up a Pupil/ Student Survey?

Complete a Survey Request Form and return it to us using the contact details supplied. We will then set you up with a full system and send you a welcome pack.

If you would like a bespoke questionnaire then contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

What analysis do I get?

Most schools do not have time to analyse the data, which is why we see that as our job. We do give you the raw data in a spreadsheet, for those who feel the need! We will provide you with a clearly written and easily interpreted colour A4 written report with charts and graphs. We will send this in PDF format so you can print out as many copies as you like. We have worked with schools to get this report into a succint format that is capable of being used by busy practitioners. For this reason it is not hundreds of pages long, as experience shows that this is both counter-productive and rarely read.

Will I also receive the raw data?

Yes, in CSV format which is a file format that all spreadsheets can understand. You can also upload this file into most school information management systems (such as SIMS, Integris etc. etc.) if you wish.

How does the pupil/ student survey fit in with the DfE’s Parent View and OFSTED’s Learner and Parent Questionnaires?

Parent View is the system that the DfE launched in 2011 to enable parents to independently grade their children’s school. It is not accessible by the school, but is used by OFSTED alongside their own parent questionnaire and used at the time of inspection. One of the main reasons that schools use our surveys is to collect alternative pupil/ student evidence in order that they can make sure a full representative sample has been taken of all stakeholders, rather than just parents with an axe to grind! We have designed our survey to cross-reference to both Parent View and the OFSTED stakeholder questionnaires, in order that such questionnaire comparisons can be made, which can prove useful when presenting a balanced view.

How does the survey help with the new 2012 OFSTED Framework?

Certain aspects of the new 2012 OFSTED Evaluation schedule make explicit reference to the need for pupil/ student and parent stakeholder evidence. Thus the survey provides very important self evaluation evidence for the school within these areas. Guidance on these aspects will be provided when you use a survey – we have significant experience of helping schools with OFSTED in this way.

How can I get more information?

Do contact us! We enjoy talking with schools (we all have school backgrounds).