Learner or Staff Surveys

What is available?

We have two parallel projects that have a range of surveys for pupils/students and members of staff (teachers and support staff) in both primary, middle and secondary schools – many of these can be triangulated with the responses from the surveys given by the pupil surveys on this site. To see these surveys please visit our sister site at:

http://www.pupilsurvey.org.uk (for parent surveys)

http://www.key-skills.net (for teacher or support staff surveys)

Can we access pupil/student and staff surveys if we are a school already using a parent survey?

Yes. As a special arrangement schools using parent surveys can also use the pupil/student and staff surveys at a discount.

Are pupil, parent and staff outcomes comparable?

Yes. One of the main design requirements for both types of survey was to enable schools to compare pupil views with parent and staff views. This can be very useful when understanding views of certain groups etc.

How do I get more information?

We welcome further questions – either use the contact details supplied on this site, or visit the pupil survey site as listed above.

The pupilsurvey.org.uk project team