ELC/ GEL Partnership Announced

GELS Partners with the Primary Academy Network

We are delighted to welcome to our network governors that use the excellent Governors E-Learning Service (GEL). GEL is a programme devised and run by the esteemed Eastern Leadership Centre (ELC). We have partnered with ELC to give access to governors using GEL, in order to provide support for GEL members seeking an independent view as to the pros-and-cons of converting to academy status.

Governors E-Learning (GEL) is a collaborative approach to governor training. They succeed in providing effective and accessible training online, enabling governors to access a broad range of modules at their own pace and convenience. All of the GEL online modules are designed to enhance the learning opportunities available for school governors. In this sense ELC and GEL have a very similar approach to leadership and management support as PAN, and we see this as an important liaison of like-minded support and provision for our partner schools.

PAN Partnership Team