Welcome to the National Primary Academy Network!

The Primary Academy Network was formed in 2010 as a sister network to the Secondary Academy Network. These two phase-specific information networks make up The Academy Alliance, an umbrella organisation supporting all types and phases of academies.

Whilst both networks share a similar ethos, format and approach to the issues, the information contained within them, and the experience base of the contributors are phase specific. This is proving to be a better way to address the issues faced by different types, sizes and phases of schools. Converting a primary school is different to a large secondary, and carries different risks, benefits and disadvantages.

By differentiating the approach the Academy Alliance is better placed to provide contextualised support to the primary sector.

As a primary head teacher or governor, how does one decide if conversion is right for the school? The Primary Academy Network was set up to help busy head teachers and governors of infant and primary schools obtain independent and balanced support that enables a view to be taken as to whether, and in what circumstances, academy status would be right for them. The network provides:

  • Full password protected access to the Primary Academy website (this site). (If you are a member of other professional groups, such as the GELS governor e-learning service, then you may already have membership of this network – it is worth asking.)
  • Access to the popular Evaluative Framework (developed by the network to make it easier for heads and governors to go beyond simple finance issues and assess the deeper detail of the pros and cons of conversion)
  • Face-to-face briefings and information to leadership teams
  • Face-to-face workshops for the school leadership team and governors at a convenient time, including evenings
  • Links for leadership teams to other schools in the same quandary, and to those who have taken the plunge, including the active on line forum
  • Personalised support in scoping and investigating options for particular schools

If you would like to join our thriving network then please click on Join the Network in the right hand menu.