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Welcome to project Data Map!

Set up in 2010 by UK Education Research and Innovation, the project supports public and private organisations wishing to make productive use of the proliferation of government data now being made available through the coalition governments excellent open government initiative.

The project provides resources to analyse, adapt, present and share complex raw open government data in a format that we can all understand and use for the greater good. In particular it helps organisations that serve their local communities better understand the local context, local need and positive impact they are having in their locality.

Our specialisms include:

  • Identifying suitable raw government data useful for specific needs.
  • Analysing complex raw data to produce accessible simple data with clear messages.
  • Devising ways to visually communicate the messages in the data in a format accessible by a wide audience, regardless of background.

Current projects include:

  • Helping schools and academies better contextualise the socio-economic context of their pupil base.
  • Enabling children’s centres to demonstrate the impact of their work across their local communities.
  • Supporting local authorities to monitor, analyse and present in an accessible format local needs, particularly in terms of supporting the most vulnerable.
  • Enabling private sector organisations to better target their services on those most in need.

Why not contact us with a need?

If you have an idea, need or a project plan, then please contact us using the details provided or the form below. We would love to talk to you.